Crystal Healing

As long as human history dates back there has been a special relationship between men and
stone. In many traditional cultures, like Greek, Mayan and many Asian cultures stones and
crystals are believed to have healing ability.

Crystals are believed be a source of energy since the power of the earth's energies have been
absorbed by these crystals and, in turn, they have inherited vital healing powers which can
be used to heal many types of ailments. During your spa@home treatment we will bring this
source of energy in touch with your body and this will change the vibrations of the energy
fields around your body and will help you rebalance and open your chakras.

Spa@home uses the amethyst for its crystal healing therapy; amethyst contains sobering
and calming qualities and this stone is commonly associated with peace; it has been called
"nature's tranquilizer" by many healers because of it's effectiveness in relaxing not only the
mind but also the nervous system. Besides its calming qualities, amethyst is also known to
enhance mental strength, stability, and vigor.

The spa@home crystal healing treatment with amethyst will sooth your mind after a busy
day or week; you will experience a feeling of inner calm and deeper and more rejuvenating
sleep as a result. Dream away….
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