We offer holistic spa treatment at SCBD Sudirman area.

Our Spa Menu :  

Favorite Pampering (60 Minutes)                                Rp. 175.000,-

Complete Pampering (90 Minutes)                              Rp. 225.000,-     

Maximum Pampering (120 Minutes)                          Rp. 280.000,-

Body Scrub (30 Minutes)                                                    Rp. 80.000,-
(Javanese Lulur, Balinese Boreh, Green Tea, Strawberry Yogurt, Kiwi Yogurt)

Body & Body Mask (60 Minutes)                                      Rp. 150.000,-
(Chocolate Almond, Cinnamon, Coffee & Spices)

Our Reflexology Menu

2in1 Healing (30 Minutes)                                Rp. 100.000,-

Favorite Healing (60 Minutes)                        Rp.  75.000,-

Complete Healing with Aromatheraphy (90 Minutes) Rp. 100.000,-

Maximum Healing (120 Minutes)                   Rp. 140.000,-

Spa Packages

Paradise Found                                                    Rp.250.000,-

Soul revival                                                          Rp 280.000,-

Tibetan Bowl + Crystall Healing                      Rp.350.000,-

Spirit Healing                                                      Rp.390.000,-

Couple Package                                                   Rp.430.000,-

We provide male & Female therapies
Our signature Technique uses combination of
Balinese,Deep accupressure, and javanese
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